From the King and Queen

Hail, noble populace of our beloved Avacal,

As the sun sets on another glorious war season, we find ourselves amidst the whispers of autumn winds, the rustle of falling leaves, and the gentle embrace of a chilling breeze. The fields, once battlegrounds, are now adorned with the golden hues of ripened crops, ready for harvest. The toil of the land has yielded its bounty, a testament to the enduring spirit of our people. With the harvest moon illuminating our nights, we invite you all to revel in the fruits of your labor. The air is crisp, filled with the aroma of freshly baked bread and the warmth of hearth fires. It’s a time for celebration, a moment to savor the fruits of our collective efforts. As the last sheaf is gathered and the final apple plucked, let us come together to feast, to sing, and to share the stories of our triumphs and challenges.

Yet, with every season, change graces our lands. The sun, now waning, signals not only the end of war but the conclusion of our reign. Our time as your sovereigns draws to a close, and with hearts both full and hopeful, we look towards the future. We invite you to join us in a grand celebration, where we shall crown our heirs – those who will guide our kingdom in the times ahead. It’s a moment of great anticipation, a bridge between the familiar past and the promising unknown. Together, we shall witness the dawning of a new era, a time for fresh ambitions and uncharted adventures.

So, dear friends, let us gather in the warmth of camaraderie and the glow of shared stories. Let us revel in the abundance of the harvest, appreciating the labor that brought us here. Let us bid farewell to the past season and welcome the coming winter with open hearts and open arms.

With love for our kingdom and gratitude for your unwavering support,

Gunther Rorikson, King
Eyoddi Lokadottir, Queen

New rigid materials guidelines

Hello Avacal,

Based upon the questions we have had in the last while about rigid material in the fencing community a testing procedure has been developed.  We tried to keep the test materials basic and ones that can be commonly found.  Using this procedure untreated leather was tested and it has been found that 10oz of untreated leather is the equivalent of rigid material for Fencing. 

Note, this procedure and results do NOT apply to armoured combat.

The document and the testing data are on the KEM document webpage (the new one not the old one).

If you have any further questions please contact myself or Master William.

Thank you,

Iarla Fergus
Avacal KEM

Event Submission Class

With permission from the crown there will be a mandatory event submissions class October 19th @ 7pm via Zoom.
Each branch’s seneschal is expected to be there, as well as one other officer per branch. (*) Anyone interested is welcomed to attend.

Class duration is expected to be under 1 hour.

Avacal Calendar Officer

(*) If you have scheduling conflicts please contact the Kingdom Calendar officer at to make other arrangements.

From the King and Queen

Thank you to all of Avacal from Your King and Queen. Her Majesty Eyoddi and I are humble by your service to and love of this Kingdom. So many wonderful events at Crown this past weekend.

Congratulations first to Our Heirs Prince Ellias and Princess Kiera. Both fought fiercely and with Your combined skill and experience ruling this Kingdom, We know that Avacal will be in good hands.

To the Silver Griffins, Hrogn and Astrid, you both also fought fiercely and We know that it is only a matter of time until you will also rule this Kingdom.

We cannot describe the honor and privilege that it was to be able to elevate such worthy and noble peers. When fighting in Crown I admit the desire to elevate My Ispiration to be Queen. But I never realized how incredible it was to be able to be a small part of the recognition of the your deeds.

Thank you Catra, Amery, and Hamelin for allowing us to be the ones to formally recognize all that you have done for Avacal and the SCA.

A new Youth Champion was brought to us on the winds. Vesla has already begun to gather wordfame. I am excited to see how you work to promote youth combat in Avacal over your term as Our Champion.

Finally a thank you to event stewards, heralds, marshalls, archers, teachers, bards, gards, artisans, merchants, organizers and volunteers and every other person too numerous to list who contributed in any and ever way to making Our Crown event something we will always remember. Our reign is half done but these moments we share last in fond memory until the end of time.

Gunther Rorikson, King
Eyoddi Lokadottir, Queen

Message From Their Majesties

Unto the Mighty Kingdom of Avacal,

We write to our populace, fresh from the fighting fields of our great summer event, Quad War. The noble Barony of Borealis emerged victorious, but this victory was shared by all who fought, taught, or engaged in the revelry that unfolded before us.

We welcomed esteemed guests from far-off lands, including the noble Kingdoms of Trimaris and Northshield. Despite the challenges posed by inclement weather, the spirit of Quad War persevered, and all were impressed with our tenacity and unique coleslaw making techniques.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the generosity displayed by our people. The reports of our successful fundraising efforts filled our court, and we are proud of the lasting impact our contributions will have on the Quad War site.

Next is our journey to the fiftieth Pennsic in early August. While several of our populace are able to attend with us, we shall stand as proxies for all, carrying the spirit of Avacal to the Known World.

Our next home event will be Fall Crown. Join us on the September long weekend at the Quad War Site, where we shall witness, with our populace, the tournament to determine our Heirs and the pageantry of that great contest.

With resolute hearts and unwavering commitment, we stand as one in service to Avacal.

King Gunther and Queen Eyoddi