Host an Event

Host an Event

Our Kingdom hosts events year round. If you’re interested in hosting an event, please familiarize yourself with the process then submit your information. If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please contact your local Seneschal and the Kingdom Events Deputy for further assistance.

Kingdom of Avacal Event Policy

The current event policy includes everything pertaining to how our Kingdom runs events, what is considered an event, submission dead-lines, financial considerations, etc. Though a bit of a long read, it is good to know for new Event Stewards as well as a good refresher for experienced ones.

Kingdom Event & Kingdom Sanctioned Event Bids

Please note:

Ideally, Bids for Kingdom Events are submitted 12 months in advance.

Event information and the Avacal Event Form for Kingdom Events and Kingdom Sanctioned Events must be submitted via the Event Submission Form 3 months prior to the event at the very latest as they require at least 2 months of publication in the Avantgarde.

Kingdom Events Bidding Status:

Fall Crown 2024 (Sept): Bordergate
Winter Coronation 2024 (Nov): Sigelhundas
Winter Crown 2025 (Feb): Looking for bids
Avacal Grand TUA 2025 (Apr): Looking for bids
Summer Coronation 2025 (May): Looking for bids

Please contact the Kingdom Events Deputy with any questions.

Please contact your local seneschal for the bidding status of your Barony’s/Shire’s/Incipient Shire’s Kingdom sanctioned event(s).

Step 1:

Start your bid

After consulting with your local Seneschal and the Kingdom Events Deputy, download and complete the Avacal Event Form and the Event Budget Form:

These will be brought up at your next local council meeting and financial committee.

Step 2:

Submit your bid

Once approved by your Seneschal and the financial committee, send the forms to the King and Queen at and the Kingdom Seneschal at, CCing your local Seneschal as well as your Baron & Baroness if applicable.

Step 3:

Submit your event information

Should your bid be accepted, proceed by filling out the Event Submission Form below.

The information will be forwarded to our Chronicler who will add your event to the Avantgarde and our Calendar Officer who will add it to the Kingdom Calendar and Kingdom Facebook Page.


Can anyone submit a bid?

Yes, anyone can submit a bid as long as they have an active membership. Memberships can be purchased from our parent organization at

What kind of sites are good for events?

Events are hosted at a multitude of venues including, but not limited to, Town Halls, Rodeo Grounds, Hotels, Gymnasiums, Churches and so on.

How do I bring up my bid in council?

Councils are usually scheduled once a month, either in-person or online. Check the website or social media page for your local Branch to find out dates, times and locations.

Why can’t I create my own Event Page on Facebook?

As per Society and Kingdom Law, all Kingdom Level Events and Kingdom Sanctioned Events must be created on the Kingdom Facebook page only.

This is because Facebook privacy settings, its blocking feature and other technicalities can create accessibility issues for events created on a Private Individual’s page. Also, having all events in one place further increases ease of promotion, visibility and access.

What happens if I miss the event submission deadline?

If your event is not published in the Avantgarde for the minimum required amount of time (2 issues) it will not be considered a Kingdom Sanctioned Event and therefore Formal actions and announcements with long-term impact on the Kingdom cannot occur (E.g. presentation of awards, proclamation of law, etc.).

How do I get the date of an event changed?

Any changes to the Kingdom Calendar must be approved by the King and Queen and the Kingdom Seneschal. If approved, the event will be updated by the Calendar officer.

How do I host an online event?

Online events were implemented due to the pandemic and are no longer required. However, should the need arise the bidding process is the same as above. Please contact the Webminister for access to the Kingdom Zoom account.

How do I change the information of my event?

Should there be a change due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. venue change due to flooding) please contact the Calendar Officer with the updated information.