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  • May 2024 Curia Notes

    May 2024 Curia Notes

    The February 2024 Spring Coronation Curia Notes are now available:

  • NMR increase

    NMR increase

    The NMR (Non-Member Registration) fee has been increased by Society and will go from 5.00 to 10.00 on 1 April 2024.Society relies on these funds to pay for the BOD expenses and it has not increased them in over 10 years. has a fund for memberships if you need assistance. You can view the full…

  • February 2024 Curia Minutes

    February 2024 Curia Minutes

    The February 2024 Winter Crown Curia Minutes are now available:

  • Position: Arts and Sciences Minister

    Position: Arts and Sciences Minister

    Are you passionate about historical crafts, skills, and technologies? Do you love exploring the rich tapestry of pre-17th century culture? Are you eager to foster the study of period arts, crafts, and methods for creating historically accurate artifacts? If so, we invite you to apply for the esteemed role of Arts and Sciences Minister in the…

  • Kingdom Laws Updated

    Kingdom Laws Updated

    The Kingdom Laws have been updated as of December 2023. They can be accessed via the Document Library under the Office of the Seneschal > Laws, Policies and Waivers.

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