Avacal Royalty


These are the current (and future) Sovereigns of Avacal who rule the Kingdom by Right of Arms (armoured combat).

The King and Queen

The current King and Queen are selected in a Crown Tournament where the victor and his/her inspiration are declared Heirs to the Gryphon Thrones of Avacal. Their reign lasts for six months, though there can be variations in duration. They are addressed as Their Royal Majesties (TRM) and are attended by a retinue. They also host Championship tournaments to select Champions in service to, and defence of, the Kingdom and Crown.

Their Royal Majesties King Ellias Silver & Queen Kiera

Sir Ellias SilverSir Kiera
Persona Period13th century NorseDanish Norse circa 1000-1050
Drink(s) of choiceWater, cranberry juiceMead, port, snobby pints
Snack(s) of choiceTrailmix (unsalted)meat, veggies, some cheese
Likes/InterestsPeriod trade craft, instrumental musicmartial pursuits, weaving & crafty things in general, instrumental music
DislikesAlcohol & alcoholic beveragesfilks
Allergiesshell fish, vinegar based foodsnone

Crown Prince and Princess

The victorious couple at the most recent Crown Tournament and Heirs to the Gryphon Thrones of Avacal. They are addressed as Their Royal Highnesses.

Their Royal Highnesses Sir John Wenarsson and Lady Bailey

John WernarssonLady Bailey
Persona Period13th century British13th century British
Drink(s) of choiceWater, Coke (Pepsi is a-ok)Water, ciders (angry orchard) Diet Coke, vodka (if I’m drinking)
Snack(s) of choiceMiss Vicki’s chips, Riesen, I’m pretty easySour candies, all-dressed chips, trail mix, granola bars
Likes/InterestsTalking to the populace, Long walks, Beef and chicken, SmilesFriendly people, going for walks, hanging by the fire, working out
DislikesPork, seafood, Anti royal sentiment, Mushy vegetablescreamed corn, Jello, eggplant, anti-royal sentiment, fake people

Contact the King & Queen

The King and Queen (and Seneschal) are the main point of contact for all Kingdom-level business, this includes recommending someone for an award and Kingdom Event bids. If you’re not sure if it’s appropriate to contact TRM please reach out to your local Seneschal first with any questions.

Contact the Head of Retinue

Biallith the Red

The head of retinue manages the day to day of Their Majesties such as accommodations at events, planning their event schedule and attending to them during events and at Court among other things. If you would like to help / experience being part of a retinue please send us a message!

Other Contacts

Specific coordinators for Their Majesties.

Captain of the Guard

Sigfuss Thorwulfsson


Court Coordinator

Jocelyn the Undaunted


Court Reporter Herald

Genevieve Cadieux

Largesse Coordinator

Allert Pierson


Royal Scribe

Guillaine Rosalind de Gualle


Head Lady in Waiting