Kingdom Officers

The Kingdom’s chief administrator is the Seneschal, who advises and supports the current reigning Monarchs as they guide the Kingdom within the scope of our game as defined by our parent organization, the Society for Creative Anachronism Inc.. They are further supported by our Kingdom Officers who preside over the day to day of our Kingdom within their respective fields.

Open officer positions are listed as Vacant. If you are interested in assuming an officer position, please submit your letter of intent as well as your SCA and mundane resume to the Chief Administrator of that Office and the Seneschal.

Office of the Seneschal


HL Renee Carr
(Wanda Edel)

Contingency Deputy

HE Roxanne Delaroche
(Tracy Walker)

The Office of the Seneschal manages the administration of the Kingdom, providing guidance and advice to the current rulers as well as clarification on the policies governing historical recreation aspects as defined by SCA Inc..

Deputy Offices: Advocate, Calendar, Curia Clerk, DEI, Events, Family Activities, New and Insipient Branches, Social Media and Waivers

Ministry of Arts and Sciences


Vicountess Morrigan, OL
(Jude Harrison)

The Ministry of Arts and Sciences presides over all the crafts, skills, and technologies practised in the time period and cultures that our studies cover (pre-17th century). The Minister of Arts and Sciences is responsible for fostering the study of period culture and technology, and methods for producing historically accurate artifacts and performances.

Office of the Chatelaine


Richard Du’Hawke
(Brad Sparks)

The Office of the Chatelaine is in charge of Newcomers’ relations. As the primary liaison for their local group they encourage new members’ participation, advise them on Societal conventions and provide them with additional resources to pursue their interests within the Society. The Kingdom Chatelaine coordinates these efforts at the Kingdom level, advising and guiding local Chatelaines.

Office of the Chronicler


Lucrezia Iseppa Constantina di Arborea
(Renea Barker)

The Office of the Chronicler is responsible for the publication of the Kingdom Newsletter, the Avantgarde: a primary source of information about Kingdom activities, events, law changes and other matters relevant to our Kingdom. Please contact the Kingdom Chronicler should you have content for submission to the Avantgarde.

Office of the Earl Marshal

Earl Marshal

Sir Fergus
(Murray MacGregor)

The Office of the Earl Marshal is responsible for overseeing and ensuring the safe operation of all martial activities in the Kingdom. Our society engages in armoured combat, rapier combat, archery, youth combat, equestrian and other event specific martial disciplines. The Earl Marshal oversees and guides local Branch Knight Marshals.

Office of the Exchequer


Lady Ruqayyah bint Abbas Al-Ifriqi
(Joanne MacDougall)

The Office of the Exchequer manages the finances of the Kingdom including approval or rejection of expenses, creation of Kingdom budgets and other financial matters. The Kingdom Exchequer is responsible for publishing the annual budget and year end financial statement and overseeing the finances of all Kingdom Branches.

College of Heralds


Countess Sadb Jófresdóttir, OL, OP
(Vicki Feyrer-Foster)

The College of Heralds studies and promotes the heraldic arts, educating and assisting the populace with device research, design and submission, practising voice and ceremonial heraldry and updating and maintaining the Order of Precedence. The Kingdom Herald (Sanguinaris Herald) is the chief Herald of the Kingdom who fosters and promotes the heraldic arts in the Kingdom.

College of Scribes and Illuminators


Countess A’isha Rayhana al-Karim
(Lisa Bealey)

The College of Scribes and Illuminators exists to foster the scribal arts, cultivate scribal talent and manage the creation of scrolls and charters for the Royalty and award recipients within Avacal. The Kingdom Scribe (The Gules Signet) is the Chief scribe for the Kingdom. They are to foster and support the growth of the scribal arts in Avacal and are responsible for all scrolls and charters that are produced within the Kingdom.

The University of Avacal

TUA Regent

Philippe de St-Denis
(Anne Harwood)

The University of Avacal (TUA) is the educational arm of the Kingdom of Avacal. The office is mainly involved in organizing and tracking the many classes occuring at events, giving out recognitions to both instructors and students for the time and effort they put in to learn and to teach. The TUA Regent organizes and oversees the annual Kingdom TUA event.

Ministry of the Web

Web Minister

(Nicole Roth)

The Ministry of the Web is responsible for Avacal’s electronic infrastructure and online presence. This includes the administration of all Social Media platforms, maintenance of the website, storage of kingdom documents, provision of kingdom accounts and the granting of access to electronic infrastructure. The Web Minister directs and executes the online Kingdom strategy based on Kingdom needs, provides troubleshooting and assists Branch Web Ministers.