From the King and Queen

Greetings Avacal,

What a lovely Fall Crown! Congratulation to our heirs, Kvigr and Svava. Their coronation will take place in the Barony of Montengarde.

To everyone who entered our lists, well done! The heat of the day indeed showed your intent and skill. Thank you to the event team for doing a brilliant job making Fall Crown a fun and successful event!

Please join us in welcoming Isidore Illegitimus and Amya Lyghtfot, who will become Baron and Baroness of Myrganwood at MW Anniversary.

We want to remind our populace that we would love to recognize those worthy of reward. We were hoping you could send in recommendations as we do not see all our populace’s great words and deeds.

Wernar II and Sadb I
King and Queen

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