Avacal Has Heirs! Crown Prince Kvigr and Crown Princess Svava

The Labour Day weekend saw Avacal turn out (approx-imately 240 people!) for the Fall Crown Tournament, at the recreation field in Warburg, Alberta, hosted by the Barony of Borealis. The weather was HOT, and so was the action in the eriks.

The tournament saw 31 fighters and their inspirations vying for the top spot – the semi finals saw Count Kvigr versus HL Donnan Sionnach and Count Elias with the bye fight. The finals were a best of three between Kvigr and Elias. Kvigr won the first fight, Elias the second, and after a re-fight of the 3rd, Kvigr was victorious for his inspiration, Countess Svava. Other highlights of the event included the vigil and elevation of Medb Polestripper to the Order of the Pelican, with several out-of-Kingdom guests having come to share the day and ceremony, and Raoul, Baron of Myrgan Wood was placed on vigil for entrance into the order of Chivalry!

Their Highnesses step up as King and Queen on November 12th in Montengarde at the Avacal Coronation and Samhain event, detailed right above this article. Come and share Their Highnesses day with tournaments, feast and revelry!

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