From the King and Queen

Greetings Avacal, 

Thank you to everyone that made our Coronation such a wonderful day. We were well looked after, by wonderful friends and retinue. We appreciate everyone taking the time to join us at the event and especially appreciate our out of Kingdom guests making the journey. It was wonderful to see you all! To the event and feast stewards, and all the volunteers of this Kingdom thank you for making the day what it was. 

We would also like to thank our newest Duke and Countess, Wernar and Sadb, for a job well done. 

Avacal, without you our game would not be what it is. This Kingdom is special, and our Populace makes it so. We wish to recognize those that contribute in deeds and generosity. Please let us know of the works of our wonderful populace and send in recommendations so that we may recognize them. 

In service to the Dream,

Kvigr and Svava
King and Queen,

From the King and Queen

Greetings Avacal,

We have enjoyed our time serving Avacal as her Sovereigns! Our time is drawing to an end as your Crown, and we hope you will join our last court and the Coronation of our heirs, Kvigr and Svava, in the Barony of Montengarde.

As the fall harvest and winter draws near, we may see less of each other. Have no fear; we will all be looking forward to spring and summer when we can gather safely again, raise our glasses, and shout, “Avacal! Together We conquer!”

Enjoy yourselves, and above all else, be kind to each other!

Until we meet again,

Wernar II and Sadb I
King and Queen

Avacal Advocacy Council

Avacal is seeking 2-6 people for the position of Advocate Council.  The Avacal Advocacy Council will address situations when a member of the populace needs help understanding their options should they feel they are being mistreated.  The role of the Advocacy Council is to support the populace member in addressing their concerns respectfully to support a healthy culture within Avacal.  This support can help members to navigate kingdom laws and policies, listen to concerns, offer advice such as SCA policy and procedure options, and assist with conflict resolution.

One member of the Advocacy Council shall be the Avacal DEI officer.

Responsibilities of the Advocacy role:

  • Be willing to be approached during events, meetings or outside SCA formal events to assist with managing interpersonal conflict between populace members in an advisory role.
  • Actively listen to the concern of the populace member and validate facts by asking clarifying questions.
  • Offer feedback, where appropriate, and, if needed, support the design of scripting to address conflict by focusing on facts and the situation’s impact.
  • They may be present with the populace member when they approach the other party in the efforts to resolve the conflict.

Considerations for this position:

  • Be considered by others to be approachable, open and willing to engage in dialogue.
  • Feels confident to partner with the DEI office, as required.
  • Comfortable with conflict, the ability to be objective, listen for facts and assumptions, and offer coaching to address the issue at hand.
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills and the ability to manage conflict without creating barriers
  • Be non-judgemental and keep the confidence of the people involved
  • Receive direction from the Kingdom Seneschal as per the grievance procedure/bullying and harassment policy requirement, etc.
  • Dependable access to email and phone.
  • Strong ability to build and maintain relationships across all peerages.
  • We are skilled at working collaboratively with all leadership across Avacal, including the Crown, Kingdom Seneschal, Baron and Baronesses, all group-level seneschals, etc.
  • Attend training to become skilled in Advocacy Training which includes: active listening, effective feedback, and managing conflict.

All officer positions must be paid by members of the SCA.

Please submit your mundane and SCA resume to the Kingdom Seneschal at

Applications will be received until January 31, 2023.

Thank you!

Wernar and Sadb
King and Queen

From the King and Queen

Greetings Avacal,

What a lovely Fall Crown! Congratulation to our heirs, Kvigr and Svava. Their coronation will take place in the Barony of Montengarde.

To everyone who entered our lists, well done! The heat of the day indeed showed your intent and skill. Thank you to the event team for doing a brilliant job making Fall Crown a fun and successful event!

Please join us in welcoming Isidore Illegitimus and Amya Lyghtfot, who will become Baron and Baroness of Myrganwood at MW Anniversary.

We want to remind our populace that we would love to recognize those worthy of reward. We were hoping you could send in recommendations as we do not see all our populace’s great words and deeds.

Wernar II and Sadb I
King and Queen