Murchad and Morrigan

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Preceded by:
Steinn I and Gemma I
Murchad and Morrigan
Sixteenth Prince and Princess of Avacal
28 Feb AS XXXVIII/2004 – 21 Aug AS XXXIX/2004
Succeeded by:
Vik V and Inga II
TH of Avacal Murchad mac Artgal and Morrigan Clubfoot at the Investiture of their Heirs. Photo By Beothuk of the Beothuks


  • Coronet: 2003/11/29 in Harrow's Cross
  • Investiture: 2004/02/28 in Myrgan Wood
  • Stepped down: 2004/08/14 in Sigelhundas

Royal Progress