Medb Polestripper

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Medb Main Photo.jpg
Photo taken at Montengarde's Dragonslayer event, AS 53 by James Bucking
Resides: The Incipient Shire of Ayresgarde
Date Started: 2005
Awards: Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Proposed Medb Device.gif
Argent, on a rose purpure another argent, within an orle of ivy sable


Medb originates from the northern Shire of Cae Mor, in the Principality of Tir Righ, in the Kingdom of An Tir.
She now resides in the Incipient Shire of Ayresgarde, in the Kingdom of Avacal

She enjoys capturing moments in image form, but is notorious for avoiding photos, herself. 
She hates being called up in court, preferring rolls behind the scenes. She requires quiet at times; and loud and/or high-pitched noises are very, very bad for her.


Medb's Order of Precedence pages are available here:
Avacal OP: Medb Polestripper
or here:
An Tir OP: Medb Polestripper


  • Helping. Being helpful and/or useful (at events or otherwise) is most important, and always interesting.
  • Traveling, socializing, seeing new places, meeting new people, making new friends, catching up with friends she considers extended family.
  • Enjoys folklore, bardic, archery, creating wearable pieces of art, dabbling in anything artistic (scribal arts, embroidery, wirework, leatherwork, etc), marshalling, and capturing as many moments as possible in permanent imagery.
LOVES dancing, has been coerced to teach on occasion, but prefers to learn.
  • Truly loves to sing, but must often be poked and prodded to perform for others.
  • And of course, learning new things! She will try just about anything once (usually twice, in case it was done wrong the first time).
Medb teaching a dance class with her dance partner, Sofy'a Khudykovicha, at Cae Mor ‘s annual Penguin Crusade event. AS 45
Camera stolen by Natal'ia Volkovicha for this photo.

Common Attractants


  • Musical (especially singing)
  • Fire-like (including fire)
  • Dance-like
  • Soft and/or fluffy
  • Sparkly and/or Shiny
  • Hugs

Common Hiding Places

  • Where ever work needs doing - especially those that can be done behind the scenes (such as kitchens, war/tourney fields, etc)
  • Behind the scenes in general
  • Behind a Camera
  • Anywhere she can dodge *other* cameras
  • Bardic Circles
  • The Red Wolf Inn (Tir Bannog, Northern Tir Righ)
Northern Tir Righ in general (Where some of the most amazing people and event sites reside)


~ Just to name a few.


Photo taken at Montengarde's Dragonslayer event, AS 53 by James Bucking
Photo taken at Ayresgarde's first official Midsummer Mischief event, AS 54 by Beve Bolen-Johnson
File:Medb by Arsenic Noir Photograph.jpeg
Photo taken at Bitter End's Harvest Feast, AS 54 by Melissa Brubaker Minderlein of Arsenic Noir Photography