Li Xia

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Resides: Sigelhundas
Date Started: September, 1998

Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of Li Xia's awards.



Event Stewarding

Avacal February Crown - February 2017 (Event Steward)
Sigelhundas' Cerelia: A Roman Harvest Celebration - October 2016 (Steward-at-Large and Feast Steward)
Avacal Fall Grande TUA - October 2015 (Event Steward) - Premier Avacal Kingdom Event
Sigelhundas' Harvest Celebration - September 2015 (Steward-at-Large)
Avacal Fall Grande THUA - September 2014 (Event Steward)
Montengarde Hidden Treasures - Summer 2004 (?) (Event Steward)
Sigelhundas 12th Night - Winter 2001(Event and Feast Steward)

Officer / Administrative & Project Roles

Sigelhundas A&S Project Nights & Largesse Initiative - January 2015 to present
Sigelhundas Drop Dead Exchequer Deputy - July 2016 to present
Montengarde Chronicler - 2005 (?)
Sigelhundas Webmistress - 2000
Sigelhundas Event Site Great Boke - 2000

TUA and other Teaching / Demonstration Roles

Nepalese Women's Cooperative / Kathmandu, Nepal - September 2016
50th Anniversary Celebrations / Middle Kingdom - June 2016
Spring Grande TUA / Avacal - May 2016
Knowne World Metal & Glass / Northshield - August 2015
40th Year Celebration / An Tir - May 2006
+ countless promotional demonstrations to the public in Avacal, An Tir, and Northshield
+ countless weekend workshops and special events in Avacal and Northshield
+ countless local and kingdom events in Avacal, An Tir, and Northshield

Class Offerings

Glass Work
Egyptian Faience
Glass Etching
Lampworking - Introduction
Lampworking - Advanced

Metal Work
Copper Etching
Enamelling - Champleve
Enamelling - Cloisonné
Enamelling - Sgraffito
Pewter Casting in Soapstone - Introduction

Fiber Arts
Fingerloop Braiding - Introduction
Kumihimo Braids - Introduction
Tying Decorative Celtic Knots

Chinese Papercutting
Netted Seed Beading
Stencils for Painting on Fabric and Other Materials