Jajiradai Batu

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File:N573981095 242110 2479.jpg
HL Jajiradai is a sweaty fighter man. Photo credit: Beothuk of the Beothuks

HL Jajiradai Batu resides in Montengarde with his family. He had the excellent taste to snap up HL Caitilin ingen ui Dalaig, which should tell you he is a smart and cunning chap. He may want to edit this because while I think Jajiradai is made of just as much awesome as his spousal unit, we wouldn't want people thinking he's a wacko who speaks of himself in the third person. He is squired to Riddari Steinn Vikingsson.


Former Principality Herald - Avacal

Armoured combat, heraldry

Often found in the company of: