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Preceded by:
Kvigr Ivarsson and Svava Suanhuita
Ivar the Black and Asney Grimolfrsdottir
King and Queen of Avacal
June 2, 2018 – November 17, 2018
Succeeded by:
Fergus of Karlisle and Kora Kendal

Royal Progress

As Royal Prince & Royal Princess Skald the Hall (Myrgan Wood) Winter War (Borealis) Spring A&S Championship and TUA (Bitter End) Spring Championship (Myrgan Wood) Pillage Practice (Sigelhundas) Ferret's Feast (Valleywold) Summer Coronation (Myrgan Wood via Quad Site)

As King and Queen Northern Realms War (Kingdom of Northshield) Quad War (Bordergate) Dragonslayer (Montengarde) AT War (Tir Righ) Pennsic War Valley War (Valleywold) Whipping Winds (Artemesia) Summer Crown (Quad Site) Harvest Feast (Bitter End) Vinfest (Vinjar) Anniversary (Myrgan Wood)

Awards bestowed during this reign

As seen on the Avacal Order of Precedence page [1]


As seen on Avacal's web page [2]