Gareth Haydon

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Montengarde Dragonblinder - at Dragonslayer, July 22 AS 41 to July 28 AS 42

Award of Arms - at Dragonslayer, from Their Highnesses Steinn and Gemma, July 28 AS 42

Order of the Dragon - July 28 AS 42

Captain of Archers, Barony of Montengarde, October AS 42

Avacal Target Deputy, September AS 43

Grand Master Bowman, May 30 AS 43

Order of the Golden Link, Quad War, August 2 AS 43

Senior Archery Marshal, Quad War, August 2 AS 43

Avacal Iron Arrow, Avacal August Investiture, August 15, AS 44

Stepped down from Captain of Archers, Barony of Montengarde, October AS 44

Stepped down from Avacal Target Deputy at November Coronet AS 44

Avacal Royal Archer, November Coronet, AS 44

Order of the Grey Goose Shaft, Montengarde 12th Night, January 16th AS 44, from His Majesty Owain

Avacal Gilded Gryphon, Montengarde 12th Night, January 16th AS 44, from Their Highnesses Steinn and Gemma

Estrella War Archery Champion, Estrella War XXVI, February 13th AS 44, from Their Majesties of Atenveldt and Outlands

Lady Alickina of King's Land became Gareth's first Arcuarius at Avacal June Coronet, June 5 AS 45 and Lord Baeldric of Newt became his second Arcuarius at Bitter End Harvest Feast, AS 45.

Child of the Minotaur, at Dragonslayer, from Their Excellencies Beothuk and Wilma, July 9, AS 46.

Stepped down from Avacal Royal Archer office on 25 July, AS 46

On July 31, AS 46 Gareth Haydon left Avacal to relocate to Lions Gate in Tir Righ, leaving many friends behind.


Gareth Haydon, also known as Gareth Stringbreaker, was born in the town of Carmarthen (Caerfyrddin) in the Kingdom of Deheubarth (south west Wales) in 1327 AD. He is the first son of the merchant Haydon Nash, and only surviving member of the family. As a youth he showed some aptitude for archery, and trained in the art while learning the merchants craft from his father. He earned the nickname ‘Stringbreaker’ for his unfortunate habit of breaking the strings on his bow, When the Black Death came to the town in 1348 Gareth was the only survivor of the plague among his family, and he had them all buried in the ‘plague pits’.

Gareth then left Deheubarth, traveling by boat to the east for many months, eventually coming to the ruins of the Persian Empire in the era between the last Ilkhan, Abu Sa’id, and the rise of Tamerlane. He went west by land through eastern Europe, and eventually, after many years, came back to the Isles. During his travels he studied archery with whatever teachers he could find, learning many secrets and ways of shooting. Upon his return to the west in 1364 he was noted for his foreign ideas and manner of dress.

Gareth Haydon has established himself in Avacal. He has wealth left by his father, and has become slightly known to the local nobility. He won an archery competition held by a local Barony, and has gained some notoriety as a result. He was awarded noble status by the Prince and Princess, and has taken up teaching new archers, and preparing for the wars that all know are to come. He is completing a suit of armour to this end.

Gareth Haydon is a former Dragonblinder (Baronial Archery Champion) of Montengarde, from July 22 AS 41/2006 through July 28 AS 42/2007. He was awarded an Award of Arms by Their Highnesses Steinn and Gemma on July 28 AS 42, and inducted into the Order of the Dragon (Order of former Champions of Montengarde) on the same day.

In October of AS 42/2007 Gareth became an Officer of the Barony of Montengarde, taking the position of Captain of Archers. He also took up the duties of Avacal Target Deputy, recording the Royal Round scores of archers within Avacal. At the annual Quad War in AS 43, he was welcomed into the Order of the Golden Link, a Baronial Order for service. He has stepped down from the Captain of Archers office in Montengarde now, has stepped down as Avacal Target Deputy, and has moved on to Royal Archer Avacal.

On January 16th of AS 44/2010, Gareth Haydon had what His Highness Steinn of Avacal would describe as his "best day ever", being first entered into the Order of the Grey Goose Shaft by His Majesty Owain, and then awarded the Principality of Avacal service award, the Gilded Gryphon, from Their Highnesses Steinn and Gemma.

In February of AS 44 Gareth traveled south to the Kingdom of Atenveldt to attend the 26th Estrella War, and won the Archery Championship in a competition with over 100 target archers.

At Avacal June Coronet on June 5 AS 45, the Lady Alickina became Gareth's first Arcuarius. He took Lord Baeldric of Newt as Arcuarius at the Harvest Feast event at Bitter End in AS 45.

Gareth can most often be found in the company of James the Quixotic, Her Excellency Morrigan Clubfoot, and Dalton Arundel, as well as archers from all areas on the range, and among good friends from many places.