Eira Halladottir

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File:N643827108 280034 1783.jpg
Eira and 'nyra on the sidelines

Demographic Info:

Current Branch:
Myrgan Wood, Avacal

Served as Chatelaine for Avacal for 2 years.

Projects and Interests

Event Steward:

Often found in the company of:

Roxanne Delaroche
Raoul Delaroche
Siobhan Delaroche
Hraerik Ivarsson
Ellisif Snorradóttir
Kathryn Inghean Maunaigh
William Bennet
Halla Unadottir


Goutte de Sang October 9 AS 45 / 2010 from Tiernan II and Miranda II


Protege to William Bennet, OP