Edmund the Lame

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Don Edmund the Lame, Ancient Guildmaster of Fence, started in the SCA in his home of Lochac in the time when rocks were young and dirt was new. According to information from the Lochac Fencing website, Edmund helped build and develop the fencing community in his home kingdom. He was awarded the title "Ancient Guildmaster of Fence" by the Kingdom of the West, from the hands of Their Royal Majesties Jade and Siobhan on Oct. 1, AS 33 (1998). Further, he was awarded the honour of the Order of the White Scarf by Their Majesties of An Tir, Vik and Inga, on May 16 AS 44 (2009).

Edmund lived in many places, and as a result had friends the world over. He was a constant traveller - probably one of the most travelled citizens in An Tir and his last home principality, Avacal. Pennsic and Gulf Wars were constant targets on his calendar, and he was well known in the East Kingdom.

He was also known for his horrible jokes. Although Edmund originally chose his name based on his bad leg (lame leg), he realized once he got to North America that his name was also a pun for his bad jokes. He often told his laurel and love, Juliana, he wanted to become the "Offal Laurel," both due to his focus on using offal meats in the middle ages, and because he was an awful punster.

Sadly, Edmund the Lame left our lands for Valhalla in January 2014 after a short battle with cancer. He leaves behind his two beloved children, his love Juliana, and countless friends and family around the world. An obituary from the East Kingdom Gazette greatly captures the man Edmund was.

Edmund was among the many souls remembered during the Riderless Horse Ceremony at An Tir September Crown, AS 49 (2014).